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Racing driver and race engineer travelling the world.

I am mr kparobo oyibo no pain no gain

Have to travel with history and historical places.Learn from Past,Enjoy nature and nature beauty.

Kevin Mulleady is a serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded over 25 successful companies. His expertise also extends into executive leadership, with a proven track record including management and board experience. Kevin Mulleady has built a robust background with a very unique skill set. The synthesis of his multidisciplinary experiences transformed him into a well-rounded, seasoned entrepreneur at a young age. His self-starter mentality and determination further propel him to be successful in a wide variety of projects. Although sector agnostic, he has devoted recent focus to his technology portfolio, however; you never know what is around the corner for Kevin Mulleady. While Kevin Mulleady remains hungry in the pursuit of professional excellence, he is also active in the philanthropic community, dedicating much of his time towards supporting organizations and projects with a focus on deserving causes. As a passionate philanthropist and world-traveler, Kevin is resourceful, analytical, results-driven, fearless, and ambitious.

We have traveled a great distance, now it's time to complete the journey.. Welcome to the Ascension Series at! Here you may be uplifted to new levels, I'm simply a pioneer in Metaphysical Art and music. Personally I've had a powerful shift with the art and music that keeps evolving and seems to work like a form of Bio-feedback. I consider the Ascension Series music like a sonic super vitamin that every time I play it, it opens more doors. The same can be said about the artwork, a unique focus on particular areas of the mind/body. I thought I would share that my study is not of any Religion. I do compare ancient civilization and sciences of the past and today to help bridge the understanding. I will share a thought that has been in my mind for some time, my father disappeared from my life when I was 13 (passed away) and did not have a father figure growing. Some fathers in general, like belonging to a particular religion can and do often redirect thoughts to steer them where they believe might best present them with skills and behavior for their survival and lifestyle ideals and this brings me to the next part to explain how this series has freedom to exist. Many families and Religions have long held traditions and beliefs. Over the years some have actually tried to get me to not worry/focus on this type of art or try to understand it and just follow their path or another path. Doing so would not allow me to experiment and I've been told there is no reason to do this art and music style finding incredible insights and that I should instead just trust the process/their traditions or beliefs. I'm appreciative of all cultures and I see where they are coming from and for the most part I have come to realize that they all pieces of one that have been purposely separated and often made to fight with each other to cause perpetual distrust, conflict, wars etc. They are connected to each other, are meaningful except for some of the extremist laws that tell humanity to turn on each other. This Series is about uplifting everyone no matter how one or another may have been mislead or done harm -in thought or action. There are automatic checks and balances, elevated states/levels are not attained if you cannot pass them. -it's a matter of heart, mind, intention and self reflection.. The Ascension Series was born in 1992 on Vancouver Island Canada located in the Comox Valley. The website domain was purchased in 1999 and had a good run but the company that hosted it had unresolved security & maintenance issues which ultimately made the site go offline around 2012. Music was freely played on youtube but a series of financial setbacks stopped my ability to put quality time into the ongoing development. One of the great setbacks was caused by my own decision.. I wanted to help people have access to something I believed to be profoundly beneficial and I believed at the time I could make the music available for free.. I did so at the cost of not being able to afford the time to create and had to get an income elsewhere. Having a full time job that was not the Series made creating difficult. I've spent most of my money in recent years learning & creating 3D Models, painting them, rigging & animation for the next shift in this series converting my acrylic paints and music into story and tool form. My aim is to give an experience that is so synchronistic the body believes it's happening just as listening to a simple ticking clock will change your heart rate. I envisioned VR as a potential leading edge solution so I began investing in VR equipment.. it's amazing but not necessary for this experience but I will make VR experiences with the music as well. I realized since a large portion of society has a Cell phone, most newer phones support it VR with a compatible Head Mounted Display that support Cell phones. Technology like anything can be positive or negative and used as such. In the case of perception and experience I believe it can be justified to create such a vision that I see that can be shared with others. Ancient temples were the second form of VR, they magnified energy of sound and visuals but the first for

I‘m interessted in politcs - but not only in the election headlines! I like the nature and landscapes of it. I like travelling and sports.

Oct 2020
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