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Filmmaker and content producer

Travel ETA Australia is a Melbourne-based private firm that offers faster, cheaper, and more efficient Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) applications service.

My Overland adventures in the Beautiful State of Utah. Driving a stock (for now) 1997 Toyota LandCruiser. What is Overlanding? IMO it is Off Roading + Car Camping = Overlanding.

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A tour of the world in open source

🛵 Travelling the world by motorcycle on the cheap

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We met as Game Wardens in North Carolina, and ran away from stable jobs to explore the world around us. We don't have much money, BUT we do have a lot of fun, a lot of adventure, and a lot of beer. Sprinkle in some dry humor and video editing skills, we have a growing YouTube Channel! Come take life not so seriously with us.

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Writer for Lifewire, editor for On MSFT. I typically cover Bitcoin and other crypto, Xbox, video games, Twitch, Apps, and other tech-related topics. Also into geek culture, yoga, meditation, martial arts, comic books, anime, wine, coffee, and travel. Bit of a gaymer. People tell me I'm friendly. Born in Sydney, made in Tokyo, currently in Melbourne. Follow me on Xbox: "Brad Cafe"

Feb 2019
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