Just some guy with a camera/phone/computer and a little digital scarcity, taking chances, living. I WAIVE THE BENEFIT OF SECTION 2.1 OF THE ONTARIO CHANGE OF NAME ACT. BY WHAT AUTHORITY DO YOU ADDRESS ME BY ANY NAME, AND/OR, ANY INFORMATION DERIVED FROM ANY PUBLIC DOCUMENT? Doge DBoMNUTGoHFBvUwCG9bZzKtMQtNjVomchA ETH 0xC65A8B29ba621da2ABBFFaAa9C0cE17211b76cE0 Dash XbZrN8nixRcxeHWitLpf5b3ozMv3eMWs2D BTC 3N29B1h8dVFBUVVZeBai6fYq2M9rbQdoKQ
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Aug 2016
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