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Free thinker, open minded, want the truth, conspiracy theorist

Author 'The Grand Illusion' | Founder | Online entrepreneur

Good Food UnEarthed "No one is a teacher. All we can do is share what we gain from our subjective experiences."

Perpetual Traveller, Expat, Asia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and more. Hello Minds. I am here to connect with others, talk about being a Perpetual Traveller, Content Producer, Blogger, Making Money Online, Content Syndication, SEO, and more. You know what they say. "Great Minds Think Alike" This is one of my videos about hosting your blog for free on the cloud, with 100% uptime: #Asia #Vietnam #Expat Expat in Vietnam, Expat in Asia, Expat Taiwan, and more.

Amandha Vollmer BSc, Primary Care Natural Doctor, Herbalist, Wildcrafter, Empath, Energy Healer, Free Thinker, Holistic Practitioner. Visit my website at: Twitter: Instagram: Steemit:

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Jan 2016
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