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I am a moslem, linguistics students, FOSS enthusiast, and I love learning about Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Subscribe me and I will subscribe you. If I forget just chat or comment on my post. My real name is Muhammad Iqbal Abdullah. Slow responds on Minds but you can contact me on Telegram. My blog https://jingxing.link Telegram Channel https://t.me/JingXing Telegram https://t.me/JingXingOriginal VK https://vk.com/jingxing Facebook https://facebook.com/jingxingoriginal Email: [email protected]
location_onCentral Java, Indonesia

Closed Mod Channel for compiling and organizing ideas, changes, and bug reports for further investigation and user contribution. Send a message, leave a comment, or tag this account anywhere you deem necessary. :) My daddy is @govspiders , go show some love and get involved in the project!

Lee Camp
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Comedian, Activist, Host of Redacted Tonight

System Administrator with over 8 years of experience in the Customer service world and a jack-of-all-trades mentality that has fostered the ability to both enjoy the nitty-gritty in a role while also still being able to to see the forest for the trees. That jack-of-all-trades mentality can be backed up by previous positions as an Assistant Department Manager at a grocery store, frontline Customer Support at REI ant then Amazon , followed by a jump into Workforce Management as a Real Time Traffic Analyst and finally to a system Administrator for both the CS and Trust organizations at Airbnb.

I’m an IT professional and music educator; which means I’m a geek who’s a saxophonist and percussionist. I’m looking to connect with folks with like interests and / or other IT pros and musicians. Outside the realm of music and IT my interests lie with anime, baseball (Oakland A’s), medicine, Latin, and many other geeky things. Check out my YouTube channel when you have a moment: https://youtube.com/eddiejennings I'm also present on Odysee... https://odysee.com/@eddiejennings:0 and Rumble! https://rumble.com/eddiejennings

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Webby winner; Formerly of We the Internet TV; http://YouTube.com/c/thelouperez; The Lou Perez Podcast (http://apple.co/32WxJSj); SUPPORT http://thelouperez.locals.com/support

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Gamer, Free Speech Advocate, Sonic Fan

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Subscribe! If you like clean content while we search together for solutions to fixing our nation! Remind my posts to get the #1776reset out there! The Declaration of Independence is our solution to the government’s obesity problem. 📜I hold the original meaning of the constitution in very high regard. 📢I regularly post my thoughts and memes and famous quotes on current events and politics frequently and with a passion! 📖I love my Creator who died in my place and rose from the dead conquering death and hell for eternal justice to be met. 🗽I value the freedoms protected by our constitution because without it the good people are indistinguishable from the obedient people. ⌛️I devour history and the worlds of ingenuity and creativity and lessons obtained from it.🗺🗿🏺🎎⛩🛖🎞🕍🪆🚀🏯🎻🎩⚔️🏛🧕🏼🛕🥻👘🪖⛪️💂🏻‍♀️🏰📽🕋 🧟‍♀️🌚🕷I unfortunately have a dark sense of humor even though I don’t appreciate crudity or nudity because I spend all my time around my young children who don’t need to see pictures of adult’s porno thoughts. I’m not sorry for my mama bear protectiveness. ⚙️I enjoy old science fiction, 🎼classical music, 🚂steampunk movies, books and decor. 🧬Science fascinates me and I hope to spend eternity learning more about physics and atoms, and gravity and chemistry. 🔬🔭🦠🧬⚗️🧪🧫 ♥️It goes without saying, I adore and love my wonderful supportive husband and 5 kidditos happily and unregrettibly married til death do us part.🌹 🏕Yes, I have a bug out bag. 🛤 No, I’m not ready for stuff to hit the fan yet. ❌I block people who swear a lot, troll, or don’t use the NSFW feature on porn cartoons. ( yes, I’m old, Anime is always going to be cartoons IMO)

Central Java, Indonesia
Dec 2020
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