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Healthy & Affordable is a food surplus project, aims to reduce the amount of food waste around Amsterdam. What we do is collecting the unwanted food because of their shape, size, defects… But still delicious! Then we are processing them for making them consumable again. We use dehydrating, freezing, and pickling, then package! To reflect their inside beauty to the outside. That’s how we save the food from being wasted. Currently we have mixes of dried fruits, chocolate, and nuts, also infusions. All of these has simple ingredients and soo healthy, and affordable 😊 We plan to go bigger and we have many projects in our minds and we’re working hard on these for enhancement. We are powered by our volunteers since H&Aff is a project of non-profit organization Sapient SEE, which is seeking sustainable solutions for the problems our world is facing. Also, Healthy & Affordable is a part of Food Circle. We are continuously seeking for new collaborations and new volunteers, contact if have something for us! Our website:

Science-minded Agorist (Anarchist) in pursuit of truth, liberty, and consistency of principle

Zeitgeist-liike (The Zeitgeist Movement) on vuonna 2008 perustettu kestävän kehityksen kannattajajärjestö. Liike järjestää yhteisöpohjaista aktivismia ja tiedon levittämistapahtumia kansainvälisten ja paikallisten osastojen verkoston, projektitiimien, vuosittaisten tapahtumien sekä hyväntekeväisyystyön avulla.

Chosen as my purpose in life to do my best to save humanity from self destruction and make this world a paradise.

This article is about the 1979 science-fiction film. For its sequel, see Aliens

Feb 2016
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