“Empowering Body, Mind & Spirits Worldwide for 20+Yrs" - Jennifer Pilates “I started my Pilates practice over 20 years ago after being in a traumatic car accident. I had no idea that my Pilates rehabilitative program would not only change me physically but also alter the direction of my life. Through Pilates I was guided to a deeper understanding of the Body, Mind & Spirit which enhanced my spiritual gifts an elevated my abilities as an intuitive healing empath. – Jennifer Pilates
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Hey, I'm Juliana! I make digital art by combining vector and raster painting. I enjoy creating exotic new worlds, putting human as a creator of realities, aware of his power and in close contact with nature. 🌴 Based in nowhere. Currently in Miami Beach. 🌷I speak English and Spanish. ✨ Freedom, Love and Abundance. WE ARE ONE. MORE ABOUT ME: I'm a creative mind, an unlabeled soul, a consciousness in a flesh suit, a glitch in the Matrix, a freedom seeker traveling the world with my graphic tablet. I am enjoying this life in this holographic universe being my best self and doing what I love: creating. My major goal is help to create a better world with my thoughts and actions. A free new world full of love, empathy, abundance in every way and humans aware of their power is possible!!. I have my mind on that every day.

Get Well With Me Podcast - Mindset and Hypnosis for Health and Happiness Do you feel overwhelmed and alone on your quest to feel good and get your energy back? Adrianne goes with you on your wellness journey as she shares inspiration and resources from her experience as a hypnotherapist and wellness advocate.

Pilates and Yoga teacher 🧘‍♀️ mum 👩‍👦 always learning and growing 🌱

Jan 2021
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