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"I don't want you to believe me, I want you to figure out why I believe it." ~Qst10nEth1ng~ **************************** Social Platform links are below. Coin Payments Merchant ID: 3f20a7b024b5b96a16969ab6b8c26344 ****************************** Contributors: @Katz420 @breadmoth @IncognitoFX @icliks @Incal @TheGypsyThread @Jim270 @Alpha_Furyan @delastman Thank you all, I appreciate any bit of support. There is something revolutionary going on around the world and Minds is a great window into how everyone is viewing and expressing all of it.

I see myself as a Texan First, a Southerner Second, and an American Third. If The Great State Of Texas were to ever leave the Union, I shall go with her. And if she ever called upon me to fight for her Sovereignty and independents, I would heed that call. Just as my Rebellious Texan Ancestors did before me. First against the Mexican Empire, then again against the Tyrant of the North, and his invading Yankee hordes. I do not come from scared or weak willed stock. Thank God Almighty for that. And ya boi also lika da memes.

History 📜 Philosophy 🏛 Wisdom ⚔️ Host of Biocast Biocast - Biography Podcast https://biocaster.podbean.com/ Check out the YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/MichaelMacaulay Watch my new documentary, the Life of Edgar Allan Poe. https://amzn.to/33sYbRp BTC address 3CiKxf4xujYoUapsnn16RWkYtAjqYnQG1F

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I am just here for the pure pleasure of it all.

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Official Minds channel of The Next News Network. -------------------------------------- Your most trusted liberty media channel for original commentary on news related to geopolitics, global conflicts, economic turmoil, Constitutional issues, US Elections, government corruption, police state, and national headlines. If it affects your freedoms you can bet it will be on The Next News Network presented by Gary S Franchi Jr.

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https://www.patriotmusicnetwork.com/ I produce music to fight the war of ideas to restore Freedom for our kids and grand kids! Join Me

Human?Contrarian,smoker;cook, science enthusiast, and professed Anti-Theist. https://www.patreon.com/SouthernBarbarian

since 24 January 2018 I'll be back 😎

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