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One cannot begin to know themself until they learn to temper their axioms with critical skepticism. Family man, x1 son, x1 daughter. Computer geek/nerd. Lifetime RPG gamer. __________________________________ I am a lifetime IT Professional with a passion for writing, particularly technical writing. Check out my linked-in below for more details on my background. Follow my Minds tech blog account: https://minds.com/thecpanelguy Bookmark my tech blog site, things are generally posted here first and then disseminate through social media: https://cpguy.com __________________________________ I suffer from Celiac Spru Disease, which restricts Wheat, Barley & Rye from my diet. It's harder than it sounds. I miss real bread. __________________________________ I suffer #RSD Type 2 (aka #CRPS) in both ankles. An autoimmune chronic pain disorder where pain signals in my body are constantly firing for an unknown reason. #SickOfPills #CouchPotato I am LITERALLY a Cyborg! I have a Spinal Cord Stimulation System installed in my left flank with wires leading up directly into my spinal cord. It send electrical pulses to my spinal cord 24/7. This block some pain signal from reaching my brain. I have to recharge the battery in my flank every 10-12 days. So you've met an official Cyborg! __________________________________ I love Audio Books! Stop judging me ;p There are a large amount of them that are read so fantastically well they are an experience all their own. __________________________________ A Song of Ice and Fire Series Authored by: George R.R. Martin a.k.a Game of Thrones Audio Books read by Read by Roy Dotrice #HouseStark #JonSnow #HODOR #GRRM #ASOIAF #GOT #GameOfThrones Books are so much better than TV Series, but Love em both! __________________________________ #HarryPotter Audio Books by Stephen Fry were amazing! I heard Jim Dale's read is just as fantastic. 10 Points #Gryffindor #Harry #Hagrid #Hermione #Dumbledore #Dobby __________________________________ #Eragon and the Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini was fantastic dragon book series. __________________________________ The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson is another amazing fantasy book series with GREAT Audios! __________________________________ #HereBeDragons Dragons are my favorite mythical creature. I love me a good dragon picture or story. __________________________________ #STELLAR Lover of all things in the night sky in all of its wondrous splendor. Debating getting my own telescope one of these days. __________________________________
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Mar 2018
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