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Documenting the process of starting our very first homestead about 45 mins from the emerging city of Chattanooga. Caring for our farm and community, sharing it for the future! Spencer D’Olive is a stay at home dad and homesteading beginner with the intention of using Permaculture principles to help care for earth, the people, and the future! Until this platform allows for other features, most of the content we are providing is going to the main social sites if you would like to go check them out! Thanks for watching!! 🙂 Spencer Matthew D’Olive on Facebook and @spencer_dolive on Instagram to see my personal page for content! Also, check out Gardens for Life page on FB and @permaculturegardens on Insta! It would mean a lot to hear feedback of our progress! ✌️👍👍
Here to broaden my mind, feed my soul, and tickle my funny bone. And hopefully make some meaningful connections along the way.
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Taps & Toilets is a fresh new brand which has materialised from Hagbourne Farm Plumbing. Matt Lay, owner of the company has 10 years business experience in https://taps-toilets.co.uk
Mar 2019
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