Fitness fanatic, coach, and trainer. Creating workout , boxing and entertaining videos is a passion and inspiring others to take control of their lives through fitness.
Amateur Power Lifter / Body Builder Train Harder During Each Gym Session.
RN, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator Counselor, Wife, Mom, Advocate for Fitness and Freedom, including Medical Freedom and Free Speech. When I'm offline I enjoy supporting families in person, strength training, dancing, reading, hiking, and knitting.
Just here to say stupid crap. I've lived all over the West, now in the mid-west. I'm kinda a geek, work in IT and play with radio comms. I follow Yeshua the way taught by Paul. If it's mainstream, I'm not involved. I tend to take a metered approach to most things. I certainly don't like the way things are headed, but when you filter the world through the biblical text you see how things are simply unfolding as prophesized.
I was happy to be here 🌸 I choose MINDS instead of other social networks. But I am a little confused.
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Vanguard is empowering top talent in developing countries and bring a dynamic energy to the worlds best projects . https://vanguardfreadman.com
Relationship status: MINDS💡 and ice cream🍦
Martial Artist and Promoter of Freedom, Natural Law and the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Shitposting and Memes.
Mar 2021
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