Mum. Wife. Protestor. Libertarian. Freedom Fighter👊 Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but after whats unfolded this year i now identify as a fortune teller🧘‍♂️✨ Hubby @dannyvic ♡ SaveOurChildren ♡ WAKE UP UK 💫✨Spiritual--Belief✨💫 🤍Peace🖤 🧘‍♂️Meditation🧘‍♂️ ....... off Facebook cos keep getting banned..! started here 18/3/21.....lets make this the NEW Platform to SaveOurChildren & Humanity TOGETHER!! #saveourchildren #SRAsurvivors #ArrestPrinceAndrew #EndChildTrafficking #Freedom #NoNWO #thisisWW3 #FightForYourChildren
location_onMaybe it's because I'm a Londoner....
...#DavidIcke WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL DAVID1200ICKE. **PLEASE NOTE** I OBTAIN CONTENT FOR THIS CHANNEL PURELY FOR NON-PROFIT SHARING, COMMENTING AND DISCUSSION. I AM NOT THE AUTHOR/CREATOR OF THE CONTENT SHARED ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED TO DAVID ICKE. A REQUEST TO REMOVE ANY CONTENT SHARED ON MY CHANNEL WILL BE HONOURED IMMEDIATELY. I intend to share the works of a truly incredible man, DAVID ICKE. Many of the truths David Icke shares with the collective, many of which he refers to as 'the truth vibrations,' are often hard to swallow, but either way, I believe David Icke is doing a considerable amount of relentless and tireless work, that is beneficial to the collective of humanity. David Icke challenges the official narrative, and in my view, he nails the TRUTH every time. I will endeavour to post the latest works from David Icke regularly on my channel, and I trust that you will enjoy and derive some enlightenment from them, as I do. much love to you all, and let us all remain happy, healthy, and focused... ...
Seeker of Truth. Never compromise on you individual freedoms.
United we stand, divided we fall. Where we go one, we go all.
I like the theme of green and peace. I also like cats. I take pictures and sometimes can be creative (mostly art and music). I'll share about them and remind photos that I enjoy in hopes that you will enjoy too... I may also share my thoughts about things political, controversies, ideas, and various other topics. I'm still learning and progressing in understanding who I am. I can safely say that I have found myself to be really into spiritual things too now. The world is filled with so much of it. Oh and I love good food. Food is love, food is life! Anyways, I'll always be here from time to time. If ya need anything, holler and let me know! ˚✧₊⁎*・゜゚'.。. ・*⁎⁺˳✧༚ ˚✧₊⁎*・゜゚'.。. ・*⁎⁺˳✧༚ ˚✧₊⁎*・*⁎⁺˳✧༚
Hi, my hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner....
Mar 2021
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