...and so he left, never to become human again.

I talk about psychology including proper therapy for paraphilic disorders. I care about facts, studies, and benefit vs detriment and like helping people with paraphilic disorders as I once had one and completed therapy for it.

That Kitty WolfBoi who plays D&D on Sundays and draw's on Mondays

Male, Bisexual, Anarcho-Capitalist, ζ Zoophile ζ, PC Gamer, Computer Enthusiast and Vintage computer Enthusiast

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Ay, I'm Yev- I exist. I draw stuff, I like sharing my opinion, and I'm a shitty conversationalist. My head is overflowing with ideas, and I'm usually busy- only stopping to make a quick tweet. This place seems cool, so I'm getting in on it.

ζ The Zoo podcast by Zoos, for everyone! Feel free to send us questions via DM, or to our email: [email protected] WARNING: Adult subject matters! With this account, we hope to spread awareness about Zoosexuality, and non human personhood: the idea being to see 'animals' as more members of society, and acknowledge their capabilities.As well as provide acceptance, and education for the humans who are more than just a little fond of them. We hope you all enjoy our content, and we will be uploading Episodes here, and to YouTube.

Mar 2021
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