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#scifi writer (and I hate scifi) --- webpage: http://jaccinthebox.com --- CURRENT STATUS --------------------------------------------- We're on BOOK 6 (Chpts: 112-135) --------------------------------------------- book: 1 chapters: 1-21 "saltare cüm diablo" --- book: 2 chapters: 22-43 "pearls before swine" --- book: 3 chapters: 44-66 "diet of worms" --- book: 4 chapters: 67-88 "deus ex machina" --- book: 5 chapters: 89-111 "violent delights" --- book: 6 chapters: 112-135 "until peace and then" ------------------------------------------------ Pro tip: _ Start with Chpts 68 and 69 in book 4 to get a feel for the IP and if you like what you are reading then go back to the beginning! . . . . . . . . . ------------------------------------------------
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YouTube Creator - I'm an Aussie who had had enough of his birth country and now live in Thailand with his ladyboy girlfriend.

Aspie, Female & Conspiracy Theory Investigator. I Wear Many Hat's.. Mainly The Tin foil Hat.... World Peace....

Canal independente que tem como intuito compartilhar notícias sobre política em sua maioria e entretenimento!!!

Admirer of arts. Planning to use this account as a blog for art history (coming soon xD )

Thoughts of an independent man who loves to express common sense opinions mixed with humor and goodhearted fun. * Gay yet a father of 4 sons * Freedom lover * American Patriot As the Declaration of Independence says - Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of a penis. I love male beauty, classical music, politics, golf, arthouse films, hunting, fishing, shooting, and conservatism. A word on my lexicon - *Moronnial (millennial) * Fecesbook (facebook) * Demoscum Party (Democrats) * Muslime (Muslim) * Obarmarx (guess who?) * Filth (left wingers in general) Feel free to send me a message and I shall reply.

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