Every Social media needs one! 1. This group is for anime related content (such as japanese animation, manga, amv's. games, memes, artwork, cosplay, etc) 2. Be respectful to your fellow club members. You may be sent to the moon. 3. No more than 10 posts a day. Moderation will result if you ignore this rule. 4. No Rule34, hentai, or nudity. Thanks for the help, Edzhus.
All things comic books from covers to fan art and some comic book/Comic-Con news. Four Rules: 1. Anime/Manga are not allowed in this group and will be deleted 2. Mark all NSFW posts properly (we don't ask or know the ages of members) 3. All non-comic book posts here will be considered spam and the member will be removed from the group with post deleted 4. There are no LIMITs to daily posting here so long as it's within the above guidelines If you don't like folks who post more than 50 posts in a short period this group might not be for you. Also, please vote and remind so it will be paid back to you later. #comics #comicbookartist #comicbookcollecting #comicbooknerd #comics_books #comic_book_covers #comic_book_labels #comic_collector #comic_book_art #comicartist #indiecomics #horrorcomics #fan_art #key_issue #comiccon #superheroes #nerd #artwork #digitalart #draw #cosplay
Sep 2019
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