"Nenhuma ação pode ser virtuosa a não ser que seja voluntária." - Murray Newton Rothbard
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Brasileiro, acredito que imposto é roubo e que o Estado é uma gangue de mafiosos. Sou a favor de liberdades individuais e adepto do principio de não iniciar agressão.
A igualdade legalmente positivada mata a liberdade, e não há fraternidade entre os bons e os maus. E adicionando, censura é a autoafirmação dos estúpidos. Estou aqui buscando liberdade e coerência. INTP-T
IT Entrepreneur, Cryptoanarchist, Agorist, Right-Lib with Voluntaryist influences, blockchain/cryptocurrencies evangelist, right-wing accelerationist and follower of the DIY/hackerspace culture. Always bringing innovation by freedom ethics and related stuff, aiming to evolve free markets around the natural voluntary exchanges. GNU/Linux and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Solutions advocate (where open source means reducing costs and free work structures about software/hardware enable creativity for building decentralized tech and enabling the raise of large free-association zones and freedom of speech worldwide). Always learning about Computing since 3 years old, when I've got my first IBM PC, where I played some native games in Windows 98 and explored some possibilities with MS-DOS CLI full screen. Also, there were some strange and "suggestive" virus lured me to download in my PCs after Vista (mostly worms/Trojans. Yes, I was a real n00b. Hahahahaha), erased some important files of personal/work documents mistakenly from my parents (Good times...) and checking some trends from the old Orkut, like installing on-premise audio players inside the profile, local apps for fun or attending different groups for debates and stuff. Videogames also have a special spot in my heart, for many years of gameplay and awesome moments of cutscenes that shaped my cultural insight. Online games always made me happy, despite the network/virtual behavior issues keeps carrying on til' this day. Learning high demand techs like: JS, HTML, CSS, Python, many JS frameworks, Django, Go, Perl, C#, Linux (for networking and programming), Reverse Engineering and Pentest (for Information Security and hobby), Powershell, APIs, Information/Computer Theory, IoT, Network Engineering Essentials and AI-related topics, like Machine Learning and Neural Networks.
Libertando mentes e divulgando ideias. 📚 Escola Austríaca, Economia, Filosofia, Direito e Libertarianismo. 🌐 [email protected]
Carioca, Libertário, Programador, Skatista e apreciador do anonimato na Era Digital.
Come here for liberty and shitposts with occasional updates from me, P Buy XMR or Wownero, take back digital and monetary anonymity all content here is either satirical or intentional and by intentional I mean unironic ironic satire I also enjoy mildly underripe bananas too to support my content: Monero: 45Vy8ANLbLt1JaiRKHEGRP73m5jiBtjCKbjd5HC4WXphaGyXvUyFAeWF2CQaBimRifMXohXjWtjrwEh9L9dc3mGSLGNnAE3 BTC: bc1qgdt8hffrhz2vn30tqkzsjhrfncrm3pmtzlad5s ETH: 0x69e94dbfd442F4cf4880127a189d52F64d17E74A
Mi nombre es José
Rio do Sul
Jun 2016
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