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I am not Pro (Russia-China-Cuba-Venezuela-Brazil-United States) I am Pro-Humanity I don't believe in (Communism, Capitalism, Imperialism, Monarchism, Socialism) I believe in Humanism I don't believe in Competition but in Cooperation We do not live in a globalised world, but in a globe. When you say (My Exceptionalism, Nationalism, National Socialism...) I say Yes... WE ARE ALL Exceptional, we all live in a Nation, we are all Social beings.... When someone asked Buddha 'What God do you believe in' he replied 'What God do you believe in?'💕✨😏 My pronouns: 'Stop, making, up, bullshlt'.
Never a castle falls to bombardment of an enemy. Never do powerful feel the agony of war. They feast on the souls of innocence. Their cups runneth over with the death of youth, but only of strangers; To fill an appetite, a hunger for power, to indulge to its drunkardness. Oblivious to neighboring fences that hide carnage in graves, awaiting time to pass for forgiveness of sins. ***
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and first and foremost God created me female/WOMAN!!!
My wife's family escaped the Ukrainian Bolsheviks only to be captured by nåzìs & placed on a train to a death camp, then survived train derailment by the resistance, waited in Austria until approved for a boat to Ellis Island at the end of the 1940s. My ancestor emigrated from Germany in 1854 on Bark Ammerland, same boat as THE Kennedy's THE Fitzgerald's & THE McNamara's. Two of my great great grandpa's joined Abe Lincoln's Army & ended the democRATs INSURRECTION & #slavery of the #blacks. My grandma went to school with Ronald Reagan in Dixon Illinois, and brewed beer during prohibition in Al Capone's neighborhood. My dad stormed the beaches of Sicily and Normandy, then froze ass in Bastogne. I grew up in dad's Rambler repair shop, he had been a Hudson, then Rambler, then American Motors repairman over the decades as those companies evolved. I rebuilt my first motorcycle engine at eleven without any problem, by 15 I was a Honda 305 daredevil. At 18 I went to work at the local Honda cycle dealership. By 19, I was the top wrench & service manager. At 21, a cycle I prepared won the state drag racing championship, later I built another that set & held the world land speed record for years... Obviously a gearhead here, owning dozens of musclecars over the years...
an art teacher preparing to become a new mother and a happy woman with her drawings
I am a man called Sean. A retired Civil Servant with 32 years experience in IT. I have had many different jobs. My main interests are spirituality, nature, free speech, true democracy, no censorship, no deplatforming.
Port St Lucie, FL
Mar 2022
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