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I'm Robert Leija and I create a mix of Line Art & Pointillism done both traditionally and digital. Utilizing those particular skills I create unique abstracts, original creatures, and strange atmospheric landscapes for you to download and color however you please. Come and join me on my endeavors. -Rob
Hello im a fairly new artist (aspiring to become a visual development artist) Currently going to the academy of art university in San Francisco.I wanted to be on a new platform for non bias people and to possibly grow here with a community and a following. I will be doing commissions and ill generally reply back to dms im also on Instagram@ abstract_b.i.m
my art reflects my 10 year long journey through the rabbit hole.... in order to cope/ process what I found out I started painting.... my paintings could also be understood as a therapy to deal with the real conspiracies on this planet...
Artist/writer. Creator of DEAD@17 and T-BIRD & THROTTLE.
Mostly unhappy person. I ❤ LeBron James! Go Suns! I realize its a bit of a dichotomy - oh well 🤣
I am the Commie Slayer Angel Cop! God Fucking Speed Everyone!
I am a Christian Comic book creator. Gun Ghoul is the first of my projects to be published by Dark Legion comics. I also have other titles coming out through Dark Legion comics. If you like good comics with no PC crap in it then these are the books for you. I also have a webtoon out. Please support me through my Patreon account, buying my product on Amazon, reading my webtoon, and spreading the word. God bless. #MAGA #Movetheneedle #Comicbooks #Anime #horror #darklegion #VoxDay
Welcome To The Soul Survivor Music Playlist Channel. This Channel Is Designed To Mimic The Heartbeat Of Human Relations, As Well As To Encourage Survivalism Of The Human Spirit.
Eduardo and Mikaella are creating amazing comics & illustrations together! - Jesus is Lord -
Full stack & AR developer. E-commerce consultant. Science history, historical sociology enthusiast.
Dec 2019
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