Entertainer and showman, seltzer water appreciator, good at playing video games, bad at toasting marshmallows. Reviews at @Firesidereviews YouTube:

In December Of 1945, A 5th Holy Gospel Was Discovered To The World, After Long Since Being Buried Deep Within The Sands Of Time.

The adventure and science of precision rifle marksmanship. Premier outdoor shooting sports instruction in Texas Hill Country, just an hour north of Austin.

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M.D., Liberty leaning conservative, heretic, gamer, enjoyer of good times.

hello .... is this thing on? well anyways fuck the fed

The One and Only 😉✌💋 ✌Not Single✌, languages 🇳🇱dutch, 🇩🇪german, 🇺🇲english, Haat linkse figuurtjes, PVV aanhanger. Huuuge ⚽️ Fc Bayern München Fan ⚽️ ❤ Mia San Mia ❤ 📢💯🎶love all sorts of music, from the 50s till now, even classic 😉✌, Go With The Flow, childeren 👉 son @wraithotgothgod ❤ Sister 👉 @matsjuh

Mother. Wife. Writer. Degenerate. Working-class MILF. Frequently posts NSFW content, so 18+. If you don't wanna see a lot of yaoi, don't follow me. XD Header art is NOT my work. Message me if you want the name of the artist I commissioned for it.

He/Him, 28, bisexual, not Left nor Right, miss me with your American politics Hololive fan, Matsuri simp

court jester and circus act. I make shitposts! Twitter refugee

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God has allowed me to live another day and I'm about to make it everyone's problem. Channel art by @neutronboar Chaotic Neutral. Follow me, I know de wae. Finder of frens, mother of hashtags. The Game, you just lost it.

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Professional tomfoolerist. Poster of memes and bad takes. Politik-brain on detox.

Weekend streamer full time memer. You can find me at:

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