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Cristian Sabarre
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Comicbook Colorist from the Philippines. Liberty Loving Pinoy Portfolio:

Co creator of the up and coming Ergo Noire universe and Visual Novel. (whenever I feel like it. Musician. Stay tuned.

Retired Army Medic, Doc Comeau, and Jack of all Trade Kenny Santos hosting "That's On Point! A long-form, Podcast of in-depth conversations between two crazy personalities on various topics. No subject is too taboo for these two.

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Hey, don't shoot the messenger!!! My job is just translating interesting stuff for you. I hope you enjoy this material. Please visit my Youtube Channel and subscribe :) Calma! Yo solamente soy el mensajero. Mi trabajo es traducir interesantes cosas para ti. Ojala disfrutes de este material.

I am the Commie Slayer Angel Cop! God Fucking Speed Everyone!

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Hold on, give me a minute, I'll figure this out. Now how do you get it to turn on? It's on? Oh, okay. So what do I do now? I dunno, mumble and mutter a bit I guess. Oh, and clouds, can't forget the clouds.

Mar 2017
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