My name is TyeDye, the cat poop eating Italian Greyhound Opinionated about everything Owners have no clue High strung by nature My owners won't find me here Fuck dog food, gimmee the left overs My owners are a single father of three

Hi! 😍 My name is Stacey! 💛 I want tо mееt friеnd for meetings! 😍 сheck my pagе - , my lоgin - nistbetneve1971 😚 I'll wait fоr you 💛😘😗

Looking to keep up to date with Politics and Culture local to Calgary, Canada, and Internationally. Will be throwing my hat into the ring so please feel free to reply as you like to any opinions harmful or otherwise I may hold. I look forward to hammering out my positions and confronting new ideas and beliefs. Whatever you have, bring it on. I'll take any and all challengers. (I can't promise victory but so long as I learn something new that's enough for me) Keep Learning and Advancing yourself and I'll see you online.

Christian, Conservative, married 38 years, Navy/Marine family,Talk Radio Junkie, Al Anon, Politics will not solve our problems. Jesus is the only answer. #1A #2a #MAGA #PrayforIsrael

Hi! 😘 My nаme is Julie! 😊 I want tо meet friend fоr lovе! 😊 сhеck my pagе - , my niсknаmе - versatenal1977 😙 I'll wait fоr you 💛😍😘

Mar 2018
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