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Beachead Comics is the oldest comic shop in the Lehigh Valley, located in Allentown (Pennsylvania) for 30+ years as it promotes reading and a friendly environment for all ages.

Blogger/Reviewer A fan of comics, movies, and all forms of stories and fiction.

For now, all I’m going to put here is that I’m brand new to this and still just trying to figure everything out and how this all works. Will change once I’m more familiar with the whole thing. ❤️

I talk about and share various information on animation, manga, video games and other things I find interesting. Along with censorship of various creative media. About me personally I obviously love various Japanese media along with western video games, comics, cartoon and the like. I like seeing indie projects of all different kinds. I am also an artist and like to engage with philosophy, though I'm not the best haha. Feel free to DM me to chat <3

A channel designed to post the process of Flowers from the Deep, an Indie Webcomic written by S. Milan, Drawn and illustrated by David T. Cabrera and lettered/edited by HdE. Updates every Friday. . http://deepflowers.webcomic.ws/comics/first

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Nov 2019
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