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You are invited to get your BIBLE & join our family in our nightly study of our FATHERS WORD. These are raw & uncut so be ready for anything including; interruptions, outbursts, barking dogs, overstimulated kids or whatever. No matter what comes our way, we'll read the letter GOD wrote to you & us with ears to hear & eyes to see. Let HIS will be done in JESUS name. Amen!

“Here, sir, the People govern.” -- Alexander Hamilton The United States Constitution is the world's first governing charter to elevate the rights of men above the power of government, and it is the oldest Constitution still in effect today. A radical experiment in the beginning, instituting a government of laws rather than men, it still stands alone, declaring personal liberty the only true foundation for a just society. Personal liberty demands we challenge the presumptions of authority. We must question, seek evidences, and reason for ourselves. If we are to be a free people, we must reject the easy narrative. Doubt, skepticism, the contrarian inquiry--these must be our constant companions and our cardinal virtues. A Voice Of Liberty is dedicated to promoting the values of liberty and freedom enshrined in the Constitution. Truth Matters Facts Matter People Matter Your support most assuredly matters! http://www.avoiceofliberty.us https://www.patreon.com/avoiceofliberty https://www.buymeacoffee.com/avoiceofliberty

Mark Harding
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Fighting the Tyranny is a radio show and news site committed to ending and exposing the globalist agenda. www.fightingthetyranny.wordpress.com

Unknown Colorado, Stealth Camping, Sovereignty. All people of all nationalities and backgrounds are welcome here. Art, Music, Fashion, Video, Books Https://www.Artopium.com I know, it's eclectic. Send LTC to LZiPk9n2rT5byscNPY1NECVd9H5hMa4osK Send BTC to 17ZrWU81gqpizWWXN1pg1ejQ3yWy27ow42 Send fiat to Paypal.me/artopium Send BAT to Https://www.Artopium.com ALL people of all backgrounds and nationalities are welcome here. Namaste.

The Pholosopher
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Lover of wisdom & bowls of Phở 🍜 just doing what she can to promote philosophy, self-knowledge, and voluntary human interactions! 🤝 Check out my latest project at igg.me/at/origins6

Jun 2020
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