art source https://derpibooru.org/search?q=octavia+melody%2C+vector 50 internet points for every correct song guess in my videos c:
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I'm Brian. My aim is to create relevant content that impacts, engages and entertains! Enjoy!

Artist working on a Comic Strip series Allie Bino: Queen of The Tabletop. Come read it every Friday! #alliebino

..more to come or come and gets some mutha fkrs! :lover of liberty, principled, free thinker, rugged individualist, fierce fighter yet empathetic to my core, student of myself first (if you are not growing inter-personally, you are rotting from the influence of your external environment- all understanding comes from within (educo) not from gobbling up knowledge from 'without') free market capitalist pig (no, we are no longer in a free market you socialist utopian fks), i am 'effect' of a greater cause and am subject to reality, I am an authority unto myself except for this 'greater cause', i trust my intuitive understanding which is giving to me from this 'greater cause' (use to be called 'common sense' which is taught out of us via 'consensus' (more group think) , public indoctrination schools and colleges, rote learning and peer pressure) I utterly loathe group think pc mob rule which is evil to its core, we suffer from the privation of perfection and any human endeavor especially and including a system of societal construct (like utopian socialism, utopian libertarian, utopian anarchism, utopian racism (get the where i'm going with this..you aint never gonna have fking utopia because man is imperfect) that does not account for this privation is the biggest evil and hubris of man - i.e. that we can be as 'gods' if we just try hard enough...utter fking lying bullshit fallacy from hell..I could go on and on eyewear for stevenjrocker, kingroc media and crew is provided exclusively by 'gatorz eyewear' click direct link to support us in our common fight for liberty.... http://www.gatorz.com?afmc=bw&utm_campaign=bw&utm_source=leaddyno&utm_medium=affiliate get your crypto wallet at coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/barbar_p8 ETH - ETHEREUM WALLET: 0xEac8736d317A4c50CBA1B890f5D885C475cf5a63

It's okay to be White.

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A curious mind. Looking for the truth in a maze of lies. It is no small victory to find inner peace and I truly believe this is the first battle a man must fight before going to spiritual war. End the Federal Reserve. Genocidal Globalist would love us to believe that we are all stupid and bad. It falls nicely into their eugenics program. We can see the world through their filter...or through the one we were born with. People are sentient strange beings capable of building empires, taking us to the moon and also capable of crying because a dog dies in a movie. You're beautiful. Debate is welcome, hate is not. Attack the argument, not the person. If you like my page please send me some Minds coins 🐈 We all know Trump won 2020. God bless America.

Minds Historian I'm here to gas Degenerates and post Lolis. And I'm all out of Lolis.

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CEO / Former Twitter user / Sponsored By eAthleteLabs and ArtesianBuilds Use code AimbotAimy / Bitchy with mental problems /

I tend to lean Libertarian and I don't particularly like Trump, but I enjoy how he makes idiots lose their minds. I am here to annoy Marxists, regardless of how they label themselves. The more the Marxists push for a world of identity politics the more I sympathize with the "Alt-Right" After Facebook deleted my page which had over 12,000 likes, I decided not to go back for a third try.

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Belligerent ghoul that runs http://blackpigeonspeaks.com

Sep 2016
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