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Muhammad Sajjad
Helpful Hint. Hello, Best way to get a Subscribe back from me is to comment on one of my posts. BTW, If you down vote ANY of my posts, I will BLOCK you. If you're offended, better that you block me first :) Thank you... I know troubleshooting yourself in the foot and acting as center of your own universe is a tricky dichotomy to deal with but, yes, you ARE the center of the universe. If you weren't you wouldn't be here. So as the middle of space and everything floating in it it is your job to know that the emptiness is just emptiness, that the stars are stars, and that the flying rocks – fuckin' hurt, so please stop inviting walls into wide open spaces.
Small pet owner and enthusiast, lizards, fish, shrimp, and tons more! Feel free to use my original content posted on Minds in any way you'd please, credit is appreciated but not necessary. If you enjoy my pics and vids, feel free to hit upvote and subscribe to support me. Thanks for checking out my page! If i post something created by you, let me know so i can give you credit or take it down, some of the interesting animal clips i come across online get posted here, so just let me know, thanks.
Welcome to my creative outlet. Irish 🇮🇪🍀 Sydney photographer 📸 Landscape | Seascape | Wildlife | Cityscape | Street | Whales | Sunrise | Sunset
Thanks for visiting our channel :D This is now a team-up of two people: O.K - me, I'm managing the channel, and I will be interacting with you using this account NekroIC - my brother, who is very much involved in the channel as well, but he'll be interacting with you via his own account: Right now, on the channel we'll be showing some of our drawings, maybe lil' bits of fanart here and there, and a lil' bit of 3D maybe. We'll see. #art #3D
independent journalist , ARTIST, online personality, free speech advocate, human rights advocate,
Thanks to all my supporters & subscribers. The support I've received from the Minds community keeps me enthused. Special and often repeated thanks to; @chesschats @Jacquesmarchal @bshanty @thehempengineer @positeavely @Southerndream @Willieleev1971 @MerryBoomer @alexandriabernieheather @Keffus If anybody is interested in any of my work for commercial use please message me. Most of the photos featured here I have in larger formats. Donations welcome: BTC address bnb1x7qyuvlq4c063thcuzqgk78rfmkw7amwx345av Ethereum address 0x17b9F7D0ca7BD4e714915f2c50d9F34C57E7AA6A BAT address 0x17b9F7D0ca7BD4e714915f2c50d9F34C57E7AA6A
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