In my free time I love D&D, programming & Philosophy. Politically i fall right libertarian and love reading and expanding my world view. As a free speech absolutists, I'm more than willing to discuss almost anything under the sun. Huge supporters of classical education and the reclaiming of children's education.
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In December Of 1945, A 5th Holy Gospel Was Discovered To The World, After Long Since Being Buried Deep Within The Sands Of Time.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

I am me. Categories, stereotypes and affiliations only work to prove that you really don't know the person you're trying to fit into them.

Just trying to survive this crazy world

I am Alex Jungle with 48000 Parler followers and the creator of Patriot Party Lets create something great. My site: https://adventuresinthegold.blogspot.com/2020/04/scientific-research-on-5g-4g-small.html Where to support my work, including donations to support all the great new ideas, Aulterra 100% american small business: https://dq271.isrefer.com/go/AultHome/AUL651/ My photos: https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-trees-on-island-6350986/

Total weeb and lolicon and a little bit shotacon. I like to draw, code and cook. I am a non-offending paedophile(non-exclusive), ask me anything. I'm here to post art stuff and my opinion on some things and what's on my mind. I love playing with myself and talking about it. I believe in freedom of art and freedom of expression in general. Please be nice to me.

Nik Reist
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IT Admin, Game Dev graduate, musician, car enthusiast, poet, gamer, and jack of many other trades. "Humility is the first step to tolerance."

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Mar 2020
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