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Im an activiste of the school of life.

“Les démocraties ne peuvent pas plus se passer d'être hypocrites que les dictatures d'être cyniques.” ― Georges Bernanos “Les peuples ne peuvent se passer d'honneur, nous paierons cher d'avoir cru en nous plutôt qu'en lui.”

Hello, I'm Jimmy James Apocalypse. Anarchist and leader of my own universe. Happy to meet you. Please respond using video or voice, no comments. I'll read comments and respond with video but won't allow them to stay on my page. If you link your video your comment stays. My Philosophy in Aphorisms: http://twitter.com/JamesApocalypse Anything here is free, to claim as your own, to make money from, blow money with, waste time on, squawk at, spit at, ridicule, laugh at, contemplate, complement, kiss, whatever you prefer, whatever floats your boat, whatever tickles your tummy, whatever keeps you keeping on.

Jul 2013
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