ME: "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K" Anyone else feeling that Aldous Huxley, Ayn Rand, George Orwell, Margaret Atwood kinda vibe? Music, Love & Laughter raise my vibration. Miss seeing shows in AP, NYC, Brooklyn & being playing music for others. I love learning all about spiritual topics Let's All Be Good To One Another Also me;) If something is false or "fake" why CENSOR it? Shouldn't discernment / verification of information be up to the individual & NOT some social media platform or government? Reporters only repeat back what they're told & paid to say. Journalists go after the truth and tell the truth. The same people I knew who laughed at book burners, cd record burners and Tipper Gore's censorship of music, are the same people allowing themselves to be censored for fear of ???? the truth? I do not know it all, but I do question a metric fckton these days. Looking forward to learning from this community
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