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In no particular order. I like EDC gear, audio gear, and fitness gear.
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Talk about firearms related things. Range related stuff. New to shooting we can help. Any firearms topic.

Freedom and Firearms channel is an independent channel dedicated to Firearms and gear reviews/content on Minds. By subscribing you can expect to find Firearms related reviews photos and original content. I am an individual who is passionate about bringing the interesting and fun aspect of Firearms to everyone. I plan to keep as much content strictly on Minds as much as the platform allows. I appreciate your support, and look forward to bringing you enjoyable content.

ENTERTAINMENT & EDUCATION // Quick Shred Workouts, Healthy Food that doesn't SUCK, Building Your Business, Adventures with the ones I LOVE!

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InRange is a regular weekly online video program that examines guns, shooting, and gun culture through a lens of historic perspective. Are you tired of seeing video after video after video on some new style of AR15 rail system or Glock grip plug? If that has gotten old and boring, then InRange might be the show for you. InRange TV will introduce you to gear that is different and interesting, and will tell you if it's actually worth a hoot or not. We will do real testing on real products. We will dispel the myths, promote the good stuff that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, and tell you when the latest thing on glossy magazine covers is actually crap. Does that sound better than yet another review of a Century AK?

Show me what you got, I'll show you what I found. ~~ Lover of beautiful things ~~

Las Vegas
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Sep 2020
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