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Active FSOCIETY Members : 107 Passive FSOCIETY Members : ~ 800 Countries represented : Russia, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherland, Canada, Morocco, USA, Switzerland, Algeria, Germany, Italy, Portugal. more to come.. ________________ Youtube : Team Fsociety Bitchute : Team Fsociety Website : in process... ______ __ #NOPEDO2020 ___ _________ Death penalty back in each countries for all the assfucked lovers of the pedo elite and the people involved in their fucking pedophile rings. ___ This is Our Fight. Until the End. No Fear to Die. That's what Makes Us Dangerous. Nothing To Loose. So much To Get : _ Justice to the people, for the people, by the people.

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Scott Cunningham
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Hey there, I'm Scott. On Crypto & Things, I explore blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, censorship, and privacy. Overall though, my main focus is on blockchain social media platforms which I believe will be the next level of social communication. http://www.scottcbusiness.com/ - all my social channels and latest posts can be found here

Jul 2019
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