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Who we are: We are YOU! We are every American who believes in the greatness of this country and American Exceptionalism. We know that America is the last bastion of personal freedom, endowed to us by our founding fathers and we want to be free and not oppressed by government. Free to pursue our personal happiness, our own business and lives. We ARE the people! Politicians better represent us, or get voted out of office. We cannot and should not have anybody in office whose real intent and objective is not to represent us & our greatest nation on earth's Constitution. Enough already! The Tea Party represents America, all of us, except the enemies of our nation like the left, islam, communists and socialists. We stand for freedom and equality for EVERY American citizen! We are color blind, we are every color of the rainbow, black, white, brown, yellow and every color in between. We believe that as American citizens, we are equal in every way, that we have the same rights and opportunities should be awarded equally to all. We want our politicians to uphold the Constitution, represent us and our freedom equally! We don't want to be divided into separate classes, so politicians can manipulate us easier and take away our unity. While we might have different interests and affiliations, we are NOT classes or groups of Americans, we ARE all Americans! Not Black-Americans, Irish-Americans, White-Americans,Latino-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Rich-Americans, Poor-Americans, Whatever-Americans, 99% or 1%, we all are 100% first and foremost Americans, no predicate defines us, our unity and values as American individuals define us, not some artificial grouping for easier manipulation and division to lose strength to resist oppressive government. We ARE America and we ARE: We The People! Our goal is to unify all real red-blooded American and the Tea Party as a whole, so we can stand together for our nation and Constitution.
Music to Revolt By Post all music containing any alternative themes in the lyrics or the title. Subjects like NWO,Illuminati, anti-war, anti-government, conspiracy, mind control UFOs, aliens and REVOLUTION.
เสรีภาพการแสดงออก (Freedom of Expression) หรือเสรีภาพในการพูด (Freedom of Speech) เป็นสิทธิมนุษยชนตามกฎหมายและมาตรฐานสิทธิมนุษยชนระหว่างประเทศ หมายถึง สิทธิที่เราสามารถที่จะแสดงออกหรือสื่อสารความรู้สึกนึกคิดหรือความเห็น ทั้งด้วยการพูด การแสดงท่าทาง หรือการสื่อสารด้วยตัวหนังสือ ไม่ว่าจะบนหน้ากระดาษหรือในโลกออนไลน์ ตลอดจนในรูปแบบอื่นๆ นอกจากนี้ยังรวมถึงสิทธิในการค้นคว้า หา เข้าถึงหรือได้รับข้อมูล ความรู้สึกนึกคิด ความเห็นที่มีการสื่อสารและเผยแพร่ด้วย #mindsth
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