Head Teacher (ME’d) Retired.
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I am Alex Jungle with 48000 Parler followers and the creator of Patriot Party Lets create something great. My site: Where to support my work, including donations to support all the great new ideas, Aulterra 100% american small business: My photos:

Conservative Analysts, Constitutionalist, European & American Historian. Catholic, but not extremest. I don’t condone Racism, nor do I condone radical religious extremism. Served my country 6 years- Reserves presently. ....I majored in computer science, I minored in political science, it’s my passion. Politics, regardless of its corruption is fascinating. I Like to cover politics and world items of interest. Which is what this blog is all about..... I find racism to be bad thing, as well as Gender discrimination. Please don’t engage me in conversation on the why’s and why’s not about any of that. Enjoy this blog, and don’t be crude on remarks you may write in response to my postings..

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Welcome to my profile. feel free to connect with me!!!

I am a proud Minds Minus ㊀ user so all my content is open for everyone to view. If you cover some of your posts I will not subscribe to you. I do not have the time nor patience to have things I can not see on my newsfeed. Voluntaryism / libertarian / Agorist. Hillbilly from Missouri, now an ex-pat. US Navy vet. History buff. Music lover of many genres (except Rap and Opera). An alternative way to go to your groups: If that doesn't work, try this: Step 1) Click this Step 2) There will be a box that says "personalize your feed." Click the "X" to remove it. 3) On the top left, you will see "My Groups", click it and you are there.

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History Teacher

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Queensland, Australia
Jul 2019
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