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Just some dalecarlian guy living in Gothenburg, with a fascination for the universe, history, death metal, classical music and fighting games. Among other things. Will mostly post memes, history stuff and various ramblings.

Hello everyone. I'm new on this platform. Today my ego is not based on this project, but if you support me, I will make your projects worthy of your pride. To my subscribers. Thank you for your views, votes, comments and reminds. If it wasn't for you interection, this channel wouldn't exist. I hope you enjoy my content, as much as I enjoy yours!

SAHMemelord + Author

TBFH I'm Liberal-ish Eat me, sluts Hi Minds! My name is Rilley, and I have ventured into the Minds-verse again. I am an artistic nerd who likes to shitpost a lot. A little more about me: I am super into that mystical shit, but I'm only a little stitious. Also I love bullet journals, nerd stuff, mindfulness, mental health, and take some damn good selfies. I'm all over the place, and a mess of a person. Let's be friends! :3

Daryl Davis
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Race Reconciliator

| 21 | "Tits and Shitty Opinions" 4'11 and always angry

🌸😌🌸 35 yr old Artist, Poet, Writer, Inspirationalist, Failed Metal Vocalist.

Laughter is the Best Medicine The simple things in life... Sharing is caring.

Aerialist, horror fan, weeb, and 80s enthusiast from Chicago, IL. My life is a bit of a trash fire. I'm single, still live with my parents, and work retail for a living, but hey who's counting? I post about movies, music, retro trash, and internet culture but try to keep it light on the politics.

SMP technician Professional hair extention specialist Loctician Rainbow goth Neon punk

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Sep 2019
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