Greetings, everyone my name is Joshua Landeros, preferably Josh. Welcome to my humble little page where I am building my self-publishing business. Ever since I was in grade school I loved the art of writing. As a compulsive TV/movie/book addict, I always wanted to tell my own stories. So I started working on my first novel way back in high school, several really, but none that pleased me. Finally, I picked a story I believed would connect with people and also test my limits as a writer. Thus, my first book "Reverence" was born. Ever since I discovered the wonders of self-publishing, I realized we live in an age where authors do not have to beg at the feet of big publishers to see the light of day. Though it takes A LOT of hard work and dedication (and unmentionable amounts of coffee), I find writing my stories probably the most fulfilling experience in my life. This page will detail my works as they are published, starting with "Reverence Volume 1". My books touch on a lot of topics that I find relevant in our world today, among them war, poverty, political apathy, family, all wrapped in engrossing sci-fi epics with plenty of action and touches of humor. That being said, let the books speak for themselves and check them out. Please like, share, and thank you for all the support guys! Amazon Page:

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I'm not really single, I'm dating myself. I take myself out to eat, I buy myself clothes.I love me. I'm awesome.

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Jun 2017
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