Greetings, everyone my name is Joshua Landeros, preferably Josh. Welcome to my humble little page where I am building my self-publishing business. Ever since I was in grade school I loved the art of writing. As a compulsive TV/movie/book addict, I always wanted to tell my own stories. So I started working on my first novel way back in high school, several really, but none that pleased me. Finally, I picked a story I believed would connect with people and also test my limits as a writer. Thus, my first book "Reverence" was born. Ever since I discovered the wonders of self-publishing, I realized we live in an age where authors do not have to beg at the feet of big publishers to see the light of day. Though it takes A LOT of hard work and dedication (and unmentionable amounts of coffee), I find writing my stories probably the most fulfilling experience in my life. This page will detail my works as they are published, starting with "Reverence Volume 1". My books touch on a lot of topics that I find relevant in our world today, among them war, poverty, political apathy, family, all wrapped in engrossing sci-fi epics with plenty of action and touches of humor. That being said, let the books speak for themselves and check them out. Please like, share, and thank you for all the support guys! Amazon Page:
Chancellor Venloran and cyborg super soldier Will have fallen. The peace deal lies in ruins. In the wake of these casualties, the remaining UNR leaders now have a vital decision to make: Shall they pursue peace, or vengeance? Meanwhile, the Crimson Angels find themselves weakened from the battle. Gabby Neeson won't allow them to quit, but the team teeters on the verge of collapse. Coming May 2019!
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Are we going to move past this level of discourse? Granted, Trumpers are ABSOLUTELY right when they point out that governmemt shutdowns have been done by Democrats a million times. The same way a million things Obama had done (war, making rich richer, deporting MORE people than Bush, spying on people, oh boy) had been done by Bush before. We can go backwards like that for decades, but that's the equivalent of marrying a woman who's been abused and then when you abuse her you just shout: "Well, the last guy did it, and I didn't see you complaining then!" Quick analogy off the top of my head before work but it rings true. Saying the last guy did it and then sitting on our hands doesn't really accomplish much. So instead why not an actual debate: do you think the wall actually does anything? As a guy who works 44-50 hours a week and goes to freaking grad school, and as you probably know yourself, Americans don't gain shit from this either way. My wages don't go up, student loans aren't alleviated, my healthcare costs haven't changed, cost of rent hasn't improved, still got a bunch of wars going on (kudos to Syria though it's a baby step but we're getting there), roads are crumbling, etc. Let's face it: the wall is a photo op for both sides. For Trump, getting it done makes him look tough and pleases his base. For Democrats, resisting it makes them look tough and pleases thier base. But it doesn't actually change our immigration situation for a number of reasons and I as an American worker/student have gained absolutely nothing. If anything we've done nothing but waste time. In fact, I'd say this just points out how the elites, Trump among them, just want to distract us. In the past few decades since the 70s as money in politics has grown worse and worse, we have seen neither side address this issue. Imagine if the government was shut down over That? Hell yeah. Shut that fucker down until you solve Big Oil and Wall Street funding our elections. But no. This it. A wall. And if hardline democrats like Schumer and Pelosi run the show, we get fences, ICE which they voted for, and same shit but in different form. More a rant than anything else. #trump #governmentshutdown #wall #americanpolitics
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