Rare Digital Animal Artist, creator of Meta-Naturalism.
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3D Art, animation, video games, "cosplay", memes, industrial metal and monas chinas.

Adult jokes. Funny pics gifs and videos Nature pics Our groups --->> Minds Funny Stuff Nature-->> Devil's playground All Cannabis -->>>

Well, I look on both sides of the argument then trie to debunk the lies on both sides with the facts and truth that is provided. I gather information from others who do the same and present it so that you may take away from it as you see fit.

Near Death Hell Experiences

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Thanks for checking this page out. I love to share the moments and details I find in everyday life. I am fascinated by industrial heritage and the endless bounty nature has to offer. I do not post other peoples work.#abandoned #urbanexploration #glitch

Freedom lover! Cyber hippy, agorist, bird nut! ✌ 💛🖤 🔪♟ A lot of the images posted here are my own creation. I like to blend images in the same way a DJ mixes records, or a musician uses a sampler. Find me on gab: @Redlory Find me on Telegram: @DarrenAtherton

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The Play of Nature
Nov 2019
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