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Hi i am Nisar khan and i like Natural pictures and animals birds flower and beautiful place water and fishs ...
❤💋 sexy photography class 💋💋 emergency technician 🚑🌡❤🎶 Beautiful women. Some nude some not. I try and get all the high resolution pics for your viewing pleasure. I also enjoy finding more pictures of those beautiful women were we only have one picture. A little sleuthing and most times I come back with a gallery page of great pictures.💋💋❤❤
I'm a front-end dev and Technical writer My topics will be about programmers Memes I love Anime and some of manga ....................... #programming_memes #Programs #anime
I love writing Poetry
Musician and engineer in quest for knowledge, understanding and peace
In the place where you stood, the air's filling in. I search for a world where nets catch the wind.. biting sarcasm
embrace the suck.
Greetings and welcome to my page fellow Minds...I'm a human male, thirty three years old and from North Carolina. This channel is primarily composed of clips of gameplay from an assortment of different games that I personally enjoy. Thank you for visiting my little corner on Minds, I hope you may find some entertainment in my content. Peace and Love -Joshua
Apr 2019
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