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Technologist, caffeine advocate, blogger, temporary retiree. Owner of the Andromedary Instinct (since 2001?) and Indyramp Consulting (since 1995). - Resource Sharing, Time Sharing (20)11 and beyond - Travel by Robert Novak

Model actress mother. My life in a nutshell lol

Military babes and memes. Cause who wants to be surrounded by politics? NSFW Obviously

A collector and storyteller. I usually post short NSFW captions or stories under erotic images, many of which are related to Bimbofication This is not a place for real Misogyny. Nonconsensual sexual slavery, mind alteration or body modification is wrong, it is just also kinky

Tech, politics, games, memes. Pro-equality, anti-corruption. My opinions, not employer's. 🇨🇦🇺🇦

Hiya! Nice to meet you - I'm Jade, though a lot of people call me Doctor Jade since I often help people solve problems related to relationships, finance, men and women understanding each other, medical science, overcoming disabilities, and similar subjects. I made a Minds account so I could talk about things I'm interested in hopefully with less need for rewording to get around censorship and less whining; having grown up reading soviet medical research notes and developing a fascination with science, little is taboo to me, and I very firmly believe that the outcome justifies the deed. I also worked in social services for a bit and don't think the things I observed should continue largely ignored by the public for the sake of not ruffling feathers. Alignment: Lawful Evil Likes: Classical music, chocolate, ethically dubious experiments, scientific progress, men, order over chaos, sexy outfits, romance, sci fi settings, other girls that don't pointlessly catfight, naps and sleeping in, bio-engineering, robotics, stuff related to the above. Welcome to my blog! Xoxo *Mwah Mwah*<3

Amateur provider of word-stuff. Blogger and ACTION A GOGO contributor. May ruin movies and childhoods.

Nonpartisan Social and political activist, Jewish, Feminist, spoonie, environmentalism, scifi fan, happily married.

Feb 2017
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