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Incurable social media maven. Movie junkie. Minds fanatic. Proud problem solver. Organizer. Extreme internet guru. Gamer. Football lover
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My interests:Agriculture, Photography, sports, artworks and designs, memes, nature, crypto and humanitarian services. Do find my channel and content creative, click the like button.
I believe in changing the status quo through motivation and fitness, jokes and all that funny stuff(memes) ... Subscribe for exclusive updates!
Young entrepreneur with passion for blockchain
Poet. Singer. Scientist. Lover. I put emotions on paper and give life to microphones. Get ready to fall in ❤ Join my membership... #RhymesxMagic #peotry
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name: iorhee sex: male age:24
Sports; football and basketball news and entertainment. it's all here. for you.
I am Nebuero. A veterinarian, an artist, a writer, a fashion designer, etc.
I use the mind platform to post positive and educational content that I want to share with you, for example photos with nature, animals, environment and technology that I hope you will like too. Thanks for visiting.
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