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"remoralise the demoralised" is my new slogan, that and, "depopulate the depopulaters", i am very cynical about cynics and extremely judgemental about judgemental people - - World government in operation democracy inoperative its not even about the vaccine but the passport, none shall be allowed to trade without the mark of the vaccination, no jab no job, world government in operation, world revolution necassary now. Musician, singer. Please check tunes on. Https://WWW.RUB.FM it will play in the background Fakebook is where you lie to your friends, minds is where you tell the truth to complete strangers. People pretend to be stupid elsewhere, the truth produces intelligence. I'm a musician in London with no music left no clubs no venues no festivals deleted Facebook ages ago and used to have 1000s of subscribers on minds but deleted this too (@rubb the old one) made this new one recently, 3 b's. Music, permaculture, turn the deserts green Planetary Healing by SAVE LONDON https://m.soundcloud.com/save-london/planetary-healing Peace love and revolution, @rubbb

Leader of the free world (the position was abandoned and left vacant. I assumed it.) Any true blue red blooded Americans left in this country? We've come full circle in America, It's time for revolution.

Andrew Ampers Taylor (Anglicised name in 1971 but kept Ampers) arrived in England in 1955 as an immigrant with English as 3rd language. Other languages: Afrikaans & Zulu, Zulu now is almost extinct. 101% Brexiteer. Admire + worked with Nigel Farage. Admire Trump. Hate censorship and the extreme right. Dislike the left. Ex CEO, ex Fellow of the Institute of Directors & ex Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management. Failed MENSA (only 142 on Cottrell). A full member of the armed forces Union Jack Club. I am 82 and look after my lovely Engels wife who has suffered chronic anxiety for the last 8 years. En ek is nie 'n Sheeple nie! Ex military (security) and at home with guns, owned six pistols and a rifle before ex PM Tony Blair stole them. Still own a powerful crossbow though! Telegram t.me/ampersza in a browser M: +44 7941 622401 (prefer txt) E: [email protected] Banned on Twitter (twice-not lefty enough) On Telegram; search AceStart then: it shows a list of names and descriptions of my five channels, Politics, Medical, Finance, Technology and General, and a channel reserved for chatting. If in Telegram, type AceStart in the search field - there's only a single descriptive document there.

Bride of Jesus 👰‍♀️ Christian Brother ✝️ Evangelist 🚶🏽 Prayer Warrior 🥷 Entrepreneur 👨🏽‍💼🤝 Trans-Vaxxed #JesusIsKing Support Me BTC: 1CUwnWCgEfbYUknCK5kaT1agoeUdiDHuzz ETH: 0xa8790cd4f9223c8D5b33af29393F976245Ee4cAE XRP: rMdG3ju8pgyVh29ELPWaDuA74CpWW6Fxns MINDS: 0x4FF5a4963569AB187BEF7F614AE5793996B40047 LBC: bMEumKK9KwYvYn8vjGvZ49TS8vJdWLnrL8

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