MAGA Patriot. Conservative. Trump supporter.
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We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us! Go subscribe to my special friends: @ottman @AyaKWhite @ayaofficial @censorshipsucks @nextnews @garyfranchi

I got in trouble on facebook so I made this account and I have NO IDEA what I'm doing! Ok getting the hang of this thing now! I'm very into natural remedies & natural beauty care, essential oils, (no multilevel marketing scam oils) Fascia blasting ...conspiracy realism, suppressed & ancient technology, history, & healing methods, permaculture, homesteading, sustainable living, exposing big pharma, exposing the truth about vaccines, hidden truth & corruption, Extraterrestrials,, exposing the pedocriminal cabal, I'm not a huge fan of Trump's yet, but support him & his team in their efforts to take the Pedocriminal Cabal down. If you want to whine about Trump on my channel I'm blocking you. I got enough of that crap on Facebook. 😂 I also enjoy fairies, stories on paranormal entities, old Tv shows, music, & movies, hating on Hilliary Clinton & the DNC, wild foraging, fermenting veggies, making kombucha, kefir, fire cider, antiques, retro chic, shabby chic, faux finishes & furniture restoration, house restoration, repurposing & upcycling, here is the link to my gardening group Follow me on Pinterest

No quarter offered, no quarter given. I’m going to do a lot of venting about politics, the culture war, reactions to news events, and perhaps even discuss some deeper issues. I do not belong to a political party, so harbor no expectations about what will be said. One minute you may agree with me and the next you will not. Right now the target of my wrath is the far-Left, but that can change as the wind blows. Foul language and crude humor will be used. That is your only warning. Unfortunately I will not be posting images of naked women, so try to contain your overwhelming disappointment. You can expect me to be civil and respectful, as I make no effort to hide what I’m really like from the world. However, if for some reason you feel compelled to come at me with nonsense, do keep in mind the oceans are quite vast and deep, space is ever-expanding, and you are but a speck of space dust. Beef is what’s for dinner, savvy?

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