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Cartoon artist, religious, conservative, idealist, introvert

Programmer, Amateur Photographer, Graphic Designer

I am a Christian Patriot that wants freedom and his country back. #WWG1WGA

Mother, Artist, Fandom. I am an artist working on building a living from, I am a wife and a mother to a beautiful daughter. I enjoy gaming when I have the time to, and enjoy music and other things. Get to know me.

Poet, INTJ, agreeable/openness/introvert

EX-MUSLIM, GNOSTIC ATHEIST, ANTI NATIONALIST, PSYCHOLOGIST / COUNSELLOR. (Since i am NEW, if you subscribe i WILL subscribe back as a thank you) Psychologist / Counsellor experience 7 years. Area of expertise: Depression, Suicide, Relationships, Marriage/Partner counselling, Teenage Sexual Issues. (I do not handle EMERGENCY CASES, please seek immediate help in the real world, STAY SAFE.) "it's only dark because its night, a new day WILL rise) GROUPS: EX MUSLIMS AND ATHEISTS OF MINDS

Apr 2021
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