Hi welcome, my profile is a collection of cool things I find on Minds and the web. If I like something I will post it or if I see something that needs to be talked or shared amongst the Minds community. Into photography, art, science, nudism, equality for all, fun and laughs. There will be the odd bit of nudity and adult themes R18 Please Subscribe.....Enjoy the ride. My Groups: R18 All Things Adults Do In The Dark Selfies -Nude and Sexy R18 Tiny House Movement
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Shitlord, Shitposter, and all around "good guy"
Slight-left. Enemy of Twitter. I declare war on the far-left, you are ruining this party. Down with feminism, down with Black Lives Matter, down with Antifa, down with identity politics. Fuck your virtue.
Hey I'm just a guy just trying to his idea's out to the world, but please remember I'm only human I'll get things wrong sometimes so please help learn and became a better person with respect.
This is my Youtube channel page. Tune in for videos about Entrepreneurship business Technology and other fun vids.
I am a musician and I play guitar,mandolin,harmonica,and I love to sing. I'm a fan of live music especially acoustic blues and groovy folk.I don't like Hip Hop,feminist,and SJWs!
Sep 2016
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