bacon is under attack worldwide. free bacon from its chains. free bacon for all!

Just trying to make my way however I can...

Pro-liberty. Anti-evil. Original Content Creator.

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Pure Western Philosophy and Political thought. Except for the occasional snarky remark or attempt at satire. If we don't try and laugh at corruption in politics, we would be crazy. Politics impacts every moment of every day of your life. If you are not paying attention and involved, life will be made miserable by Politicians and their ilk.

We need lower taxes , less centralized government , more guns , more free speech , legal drugs, less regime change wars.

We will never know the meaning of true happiness until the power of love overcomes the love of power. ~unquotable The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch and do nothing. ~Einstein

Christian Conservative Anti Socialism ,Anti Islam ,Pro Patriotism and totally opposed to the GAYSTAPO

banner image courtesy of @harp609 be sure to subscribe !! this is really cool i'm learning How to Encrypt All the Things @csharpner's website, 9/13/19 just found this very interesting website : 11/6/19 this website has up to the minute posts : 11/22/19 as of today, 135 posts under Invasion of White Lands : Formerly pinned post (w 50 comments):

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