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Minds gives us the portal to give our opinion or post articles that are encrypted , so we are not worried that someone is on our back or spying on us, Since online security had been a problem, Freedom is now always at stake, especially in this generation where its seems human existense or society is going on a great change. There are so many things that are happening in the world. It is on these X or Y generation that the world had been shaking up and certain that a new world will prosper but who knows when? its inevitable. The post and articles online are reflections of myriad of opinions which ordinary folks could not read but with "fr33p4dw" will be putting the news, articles and happenings which i think should be the information we need to make conclusions , we have to be involved because we are part of these

We [humanity] are headed down a dangerous destructive path. The only way to save ourselves, and Earth, is to change our perspectives and actions. Together, through conscious unconditional love, we can save humanity and our planet.

Hi everybody I am Kelly Mans and I am from the Netherlands and I love TV Shows/Photography/Music etc I'd like you to be my friend and get to know you thanks 馃檪

A comedy channel where we dive deep into the rabbit hole into topics unknown to ordinary man. I'm Jeremy Burrows the creator of this show brace yourself as we go on a journey together deep into controversial topics stuff unknown to most main stream man. I reckon if you can't have a conversation about something then that's a good indication your living in a fascist society. After all where all human beings if we can put aside our petty minuet differences and see that we are all really the same, then you'd hope we'd stop killing each other over such stupid, pointless, selfish, greedy shit. I am here to laugh about how childish our species is behaving at this point in time and hopefully restore some humility back to our humanity. If you have any ideas, suggestion or would like to get in contact please email me at [email protected] and remember "Don't believe anyone, including me. Look and see for yourself." Soundcloud: Youtube:

the lady vanishes

I'm an Online Marketing professional with a drive to help you win!

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Jun 2015
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