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I talk about psychology including proper therapy for paraphilic disorders. I care about facts, studies, and benefit vs detriment and like helping people with paraphilic disorders as I once had one and completed therapy for it.

Male, Bisexual, Anarcho-Capitalist, 味 Zoophile 味, PC Gamer, Computer Enthusiast and Vintage computer Enthusiast

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Ay, I'm Yev- I exist. I draw stuff, I like sharing my opinion, and I'm a shitty conversationalist. My head is overflowing with ideas, and I'm usually busy- only stopping to make a quick tweet. This place seems cool, so I'm getting in on it.

...and so he left, never to become human again.

That Kitty WolfBoi who plays D&D on Sundays and draw's on Mondays

味 The Zoo podcast by Zoos, for everyone! Feel free to send us questions via DM, or to our email: b[email protected] WARNING: Adult subject matters! With this account, we hope to spread awareness about Zoosexuality, and non human personhood: the idea being to see 'animals' as more members of society, and acknowledge their capabilities.As well as provide acceptance, and education for the humans who are more than just a little fond of them. We hope you all enjoy our content, and we will be uploading Episodes here, and to YouTube.

Classic tumblr and twitter refugee. MPD CPTSD ghetto dweller. Artist and schizoposter Art: Comic: Telegram: @zrcalo I follow back!

Texas, United States
Mar 2021
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