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Deism the belief in an unknowable impersonal God. What exactly God means is a matter of debate and is of little consequence. Something set the universe in motion and consciousness exists within the universe these things are clear. With this particular interpretation of deism we believe that the most viable form of worship is productivity, our only place of worship is the community, and our only scriptures are the lessons of the past and a vision of the future. If we have a promised land it will be built with our hands. Deism leaves room for consideration of other Ideas, religions, and mindsets and the lessons they might teach. The future awaits us

Hey there, I'm Kasen form Florida. I'm a Professional Photographer I use to travel all around the world to collect photos. I watch TV Shows too you can visit my favorite website https://www.pbskidsroku.com

Husband, Dad, and Jack-of-all-trades on life’s journey. All photographs are by me and, unless otherwise noted, taken with an iPhone! *Side note. Still figuring all this out! Getting there however.

What about me? I'm just a 24 year old guy working, play video games. Politically: Right wing (no single ideology) Spirituality: Agnostic Pandeism. Got any questions? just ask

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