I like creativity in different fields of life. I like travelling, photography and have interest in nature.
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fix my fucking profile allow me to post don't just give me the option to upgrade to minds Plus and also stop fucking with my account I'm tired of getting messed with and having to re login to stuff when some people are messing with my password and all that stuff allow me to post thank you very much
Sưu tầm các câu nói hay truyền lửa, truyền nghị lực sống có ích nhé các bạn thân yêu.
Exploring , Traveling , Photographing my passion 🧳 📸 🌴🧗🏼⛰
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Anime is Life !!! Storm Chaser, Chemist by Trade, Ex Pro Disc Golf Player, Centralist Libertarian . Freedom 2A, Free Speech, Much Less Government !!
Mar 2021
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