What is the wrong. To be or not to be

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Phantasms in your Minds
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Yea, step in step in step in step It’s blurry, it’s dangerous Hide what’s real deep inside When you turn around, I’ll be smiling Don’t stop it stop it stop it stop It’s electric, I’m already falling deeper and deeper and deeper Show me your face Lay back Lay back (ready or not) Show me your face Play back Play back (follow me) Falling even more tonight Right now, I’m, I’m Show me your face Pay back Pay back I’m getting closer to you Ordinary bio: My Hope is the Father, my Refuge is the Son, my Shelter is the Holy Spirit. Holy Trinity, glory to You. Greek Catholic English by ethnicity American citizen Of the two genders, I am male self-proclaimed Governor-General of Bir Tawil The peoples: @poyo @night_shade @post_modern_czechoslovakian_war_factory @Paulinnation @Quangnguyen2707 @1wrench4me @sdandre277 @sjg00 @crimsoncapsulekitty @shatterrealm @lotuspetalstudios @punmeistervstheworld @belzaura @bobdub @tomtomandt @pinn @medworthy @roselinn @siamkuriki @lilydesu @eva_huynh07 @suripham @Sophia_lee The end of ordinary bio When we played our charade We were like children posing Playing at games, acting out names Guessing the parts we played Oh what a hit we made We came on next to closing Best on the bill, lovers until Love left the masquerade Fate seemed to pull the strings I turned and you were gone While from the darkened wings The music box played on Sad little serenade Song of my heart's composing I hear it still, I always will Best on the bill Charade Forenote: *Cat girl Charades", "I'm from the government and I'm here to help", "my comrades", "boss", "gov", and "professor" are fictitious parody characters which by far do not represent the words, actions, desires, views, beliefs, opinions or real events of or involving me or of any of my associations in real life. If they aren't funny, when was a liberal meme ever funny? A true charade mimics the good parts and the bad parts as they are. The worse the script, the worse the act. I will sometimes/often express my true beliefs and opinions using the display name "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" or "Charades". If their is any doubt whether I'm serious at the time or not, just ask.* I am not a weeb. I'm a K-pop fan. personal notes: @emma1234

Hello I am Anna Roper happy to get back on mind's lost my other account this one I hope to get my friends back.

I am happy to be here 🤗🌸

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Let's enjoy life one day at a time.

Hello ! Nice To Meet You All . Have a good time on Minds. I am trying to grow up my Channel. Do not forget comments subs like and wire .😊😊😊 Thanks

Freedom.....freedom ....freedom

I'm a girl,love nature,flowers,art,travel and photography...ect.. I'm not good at english language . I will learn more I reserve the right to choose a subscription and delete of comments. Thanks Subscribe many times in a row. I will not sub back to you. Thanks All pictures , quotes are not mine. Thanks to the known and unknown artists , photographer , authors. If you like me pls support my channel and donate .🥰😍

Iam simple girl .☺😚😚😚i like to take a photo flowers, tree ,reviews nature ,animals, ....,everything if i liked its. i need somebody who can love me at my worst know i'm not perfect but i hope you see my worth

All image and any content are not mine own. Thanks to the known and unknown authors , artist . Thank you for support and subscribed my channel.🥰🥰🥰 all ...♥️♥️♥️

Welcome to my channel👋

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