Brazilian Aristóteles

Independet Philosopher
Somos livres e de bons costumes trabalhando na transformação do Brasil através da TRANSPARÊNCIA de tudo que é público, com LIMITAÇÃO e SEPARAÇÃO de poderes
THE FAILED RACE doing my part to EXPOSE the hoax of BLACK victimization and the MYTH of black SUPERIORITY all the time, everywhere that has made our QUALITY OF LIFE so wonderful nowadays. searching TIRELESSLY for whitepeopledoittoo. having fun calling out the FAILED RACE unless cited, this stuff is MINE, and, like, my OPINION, man. not begging for UPVOTE or repost, i don't CARE. but i do APPRECIATE those who knowwhatiamsayin, and COMMENT. and i try to send the POINTS to the RIGHT person. i have NO problem being CALLED OUT on clerical, clarification, or judgment ERRORS of my OWN. just try to string TOGETHER a VALID understandable retort. exposing the obvious is obvious INDOCTRINATION that has permeated education, media, news, entertainment, politics... AD INFINITUM. NOT burning crosses here people. no RACISM. NO violence - protection/ prediction/ premonition/ preparation/ probability are HARDLY violence. and no RELIGION too - for or AGAINST. no CURSING. no N-WORDS. MY page, my RULES. i REFUSE to be anything but suspicious, sarcastic, satirical, sardonic, cynical, salty, skeptical - using some sites, statistics, science, silly sheit, other smart stuff and suspension of sanity while usually stoned. if you THINK i am picking on any CULTURE, please reference any rap video EVER... and if that ain't COUNTRY, i'll kiss your ASS.
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Apr 2018
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